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Specialized Nursing Training on Information Technology

It is expected that the demand for nurses will increase by as much as 15% in the coming months. There’s no doubt that it is an area that can give you a stable future to build a new life. While it has always been the case, in light of recent events, pursuing a career in the field of nursing looks more promising than ever before.

Course At A Glance

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No. of Classes/ Sessions : 12

Total Hours : 24

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Course Objective

Course Topic

  1. ·        Computer Fundamental
  1. ·        Internet Browsing
  1. ·        Microsoft Office
  1. ·        Hospital Management Software
  1. ·        Activity Management Tools (Trello)

Computer Fundamental - Total Class # 2

            Basic Computer Operation

            Computer Specification Find

            Computer Hardware Installation & Specification

            Computer Software Installation & Specification

            Computer Basic Trouble Shoot


Internet Browsing - Total Class # 1

            Introduction to browser

            Different browser specification

            Gmail account creation

            Send Mail with attachment

            Account opening different web-based software


Microsoft Office - Total Class # 3

            Install Microsoft Office

            Create & manage documents with Microsoft Office

            Create & manage documents with Microsoft Excel

            Create & manage documents with Microsoft PowerPoint

            Print a word & excel file with page setup.


Hospital Management Software - Total Class # 3

            Introduction to Hospital Management Software (HMS)

            Introduction to web-based HMS

            Introduction to Desktop based HMS

            Introduction to Android App Based HMS

            Introduction to IOS (iPhone) based HMS


Activity Management Tools (Trello) - Total Class # 3

            Introduction to daily activity management tools

            Introduction to Trello

            Account Opening in Trello

            Create new Board with Activity

            Activity Position in Different Board

            Monitoring Trello 

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Prerequisite For The Course Is Basic Knowledge On Computer. Also Needs Own Sector Knowledge.

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